Special League Procedures and Rules - COVID-19


Please note: There is absolutely zero tolerance for violations of Jacoby Golf Course’s COVID-19 policies. The safety of our membership and players at the course is our number one priority. Members purposefully violating the policy will be asked to leave on the spot. We ask that JMC members lead by example in these times.  If you see someone violating policy, you are obligated to say something, and/or tell a board member ASAP. 


Please also read more information directly from Jacoby Gold Course here.


2020 JMC Procedures

For at least the initial period of the 2020 Men’s Club, the following procedures will be implemented to ensure appropriate social distancing among members during JMC weekly events and tournaments.  These procedures are in addition to Jacoby Golf Course COVID-19 related procedures.  

  • For the time being, there will be no after-round social hour or meal. This will be reflected in the weekly entry fee, which is now $10. This $10 supports the round prize pool, credit processing fee, and the annual license fee for our software. 

  • ALL round sign-ups will take place online via our GolfGenius club homepage. Members may register for the round in response to the invite email or on the website directly. 

    • Payment for the round will be required at the time of registration.

    • Walk-up/late registrations will not be accepted this season. You must register for the round in response to the invitation email or on the website by 3:00 on the day of the event.

    • Even though Jacoby will have a payment window in the clubhouse, JMC members are not allowed to use this window during JMC events. This is to avoid lines/congestion/groups before our shotgun starts. 

  • There will be no formal check-in table before the round; this is to minimize congestion at the clubhouse. 

  • If you do not have a membership to Jacoby Golf Course, you will be required to pay your weekly green fee online - pay here. Jacoby is not accepting payments in person for JMC related round fees at this time. 

  • All round information (hole assignments, pairings, GGID code, and other special instructions) will be sent out by 4 pm on Thursdays via email and text message. They will also be posted in a visible location at the clubhouse. 

  • Rounds will begin via shotgun start promptly at 5:30 PM. There is no option to play your round at another time. Please arrive early to minimize congestion at the clubhouse.

  • THERE ARE NO RAKES. Please smooth over sand with your foot after your shot. YOU MAY LIFT, SMOOTH, AND PLACE YOUR BUNKER SHOT IF YOU BALL LANDS IN A DISTURBED AREA OF THE BUNKER. The player should re-create the initial lie (fried egg = fried egg). You must consult other members of your group when taking this relief. 

  • At least one player in each group must enter scores into the GolfGenius App during the round. Members are encouraged to keep their scores on a scorecard for their records. If you would like some scorecards we can mail them to you. 

  • After the round, players must adhere to the Jacoby Golf Course rules for the number of people in the pro shop and bar area once those areas are available.

  • Round results will be emailed to the membership on Friday mornings, including shop credit amounts for those who place.


2020 JMC Social Distancing Rules

In addition to the Jacoby Golf Course COVID-19 related procedures, the JMC board asks that you respect the following rules during our events:

  • Arrive early to get your cart, warm-up, and get to your hole assignment (that has been distributed via email and text message).  This will help minimize congestion at the clubhouse.

  • Please maintain a distance of 6 feet from other members at all times

  • Absolutely do not gather in groups larger than 10 people. 

  • Please do not shake hands, bro-hug, fist bump, or high-five other members in your unbridled excitement to see them. 

  • Please do not shake hands upon the conclusion of your round.

  • Please do not share equipment. 

  • NO TRASH - 100% pack-it-in, pack-it-out.  


2020 Jacoby Golf Course COVID-19 related rules/changes

Jacoby Golf Course has implemented the following policies and procedures for all play at the golf course for the 2020 season.  JMC members are expected to not only adhere to these rules but to lead by example for all golfers on the course.  Violation of rules will result in immediate removal from the course without a refund. 


Please see complete information about the course, including rules, changes, and fees, here.




  • Membership payments will be made online; that website will be launched soon.

    • We will strongly discourage taking any memberships at the new pro shop outside the pay window.

  • Daily green fee payments will be taken over the phone or at the new pro shop outside the pay window. THIS WINDOW IS NOT AVAILABLE TO PAY FOR MEN’S CLUB OR LADIES CLUB DUES/GREEN FEES. This is to eliminate congestion pre-shotgun. 

  • No cash or check – card only on all transactions.

Tee Times

  •  All tee times will be taken over the phone at this point 307-745-3111.

  • Normal rules apply.

    • One day in advance

    • Can call on Thursday for Friday/Saturday/Sunday

  • 4 players maximum in each grouping.

  • All players must have a set of clubs.

  • Tee times will be in 20-minute increments.

  • No single tee time rounds will be permitted Friday/Saturday/Sunday before 1PM

  • No twilight times at least for May; will be evaluated for June.

  • Must call and make a tee time, walk-on tee times will not be accepted

Golf Carts

Driving Range

  • No driving range to initially open.  We hope and anticipate the range will be available at some point in the near future; will be evaluated and approved as we get open and operational.

 General Rules/Regulations (must be adhered to)

  • Scorecards and pencils will NOT be available.  We will encourage golfers to purchase a handicap and post all scores using the World Golf Handicap App.

  • No trash – what you bring on you take out.

  • Do not arrive more than 15 minutes before your tee time.

  • Tee times every 20 minutes.

  • No rental clubs.

  • No rental push carts.

  • Clubhouse closed.

  • The practice green and chipping green is only open to players playing with a tee time.  It is closed to anyone without a tee time.

  • Leave flagsticks in and do not touch flagsticks.

  • All cups will be raised.

  • The clubhouse will be completely closed.  No bar, no bathrooms, no pro shop.

  • Do not touch anyone else’s equipment including bag, clubs, balls, tees, pushcart, etc.

  • No bunker rakes, ball washers, water coolers, or towel buckets.

  • On-course bathrooms will be open. 

  • Make sure you bring your own pre-filled water bottle with you.

  • Bring your own hand sanitizer and/or disinfectant wipes, masks, and any other personal protective items.

  • No walking spectators allowed.

  • Bringing alcohol onto the course will be initially strictly prohibited.


Always observe and adhere to social distancing at all times.  Anyone who does not follow the social distancing rules will be removed from the golf course without refund.