JMC Hole-In-One Club


  • JMC members may join at any point during the season and must be paid in full before being eligible for the prize.  
  • Hole-in-one (HIO) eligibility extends ONLY to the following JMC-only events: weekly Thursday evening events (including Thursday events moved to other nights of the week), Brown & Gold Cup, Club Championship, Kickoff Scramble, and Fall Tournament. Hole-in-ones outside of these events do not qualify for the pool.
  • The $20 entry fees, less processing fees, will be applied to the following:
    • Cost of a JMC HIO trophy/display case for the winner.
    • The remainder of the pool will be paid 50% to the player via check, and 50% towards a bar tab immediately on the event day or on an evening to be determined shortly after the hole-in-one. Any amount not spent at the bar will additionally be awarded to the player. The open-bar tab will be cut off if the 50% dollar amount is reached.
  • If/when a HIO is achieved, another entry fee will open immediately, and the process will start over.
  • All HIO club members and guests of the winner are invited to the gathering. Additionally, if the event occurs same-day as the HIO, all present may benefit from the bar tab. 
  • Eligibility is only for the current season. At the end of the season, the current prize pool will roll over into the following year's pot.  All members wishing to play the following season must re-enter the next year to continue eligibility for the prize pool. All entries in the HIO club the following year will have eligibility to win the entire HIO prize.



The current pool, after fees and trophy, is $920.  Bob gets a hole-in-one on a Thursday night.  Bob will receive cash or a check for $460.  The remaining $460 will be applied to a bar tab at the party in his honor.  After tab and tip, Bob spends $350.  He will receive the $110 cash remainder.